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school integrated program

School Integrated Program

The most reputed Schools in Delhi have tied up with YVS for MEDICAL/IIT-JEE to offer integrated Course for the students of 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th standard in the respective schools.

In this course, preparation for competitive exams for MEDICAL/ENGINEERING Entrance such as AIIMS/NEET/JEE etc. and formal school education/Board Exams is completely synchronized under one roof, during school hours and within school premises.

This course developed by YVS MEDICAL/IIT is a revolutionary approach for competitive exams preparation which even surpasses the system adopted from Kota. The main advantage of this course is that it synchronizes preparation for multiple exams and save student's time as they do not have to travel between coaching classes and school. For 6 hours per day, 2 days in a week, students are taught Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Maths for MEDICAL/ENGINEERING entrance examinations by YVS MEDICAL/IIT faculty members during school hours and within the school premises. In the remaining 4 days school teachers will take care of rest of the subjects of their respective Boards along with the practical this approach enables a stress free learning environment and a dual advantage for students enabling them to excel in competitive exams and produce best results in the school/board exams as per the respective board curriculum of the school.

To run this program in your school premises we require minimum 120 student's of Foundation and competitive level.