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The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT'S) are India's greatest institutions of higher learning. They have been declared as' Institutions of National importance' the best of the Technocrats, the best of CEOs, the most brilliant minds of India have walked through the corridors of the IIT'S. in the depth education, the mentioning and the solid grounding at IIT'S have paved the way for outstanding careers of many
General perception among students about, JEE-Advanced is that it is a very difficult examination and problems asked are super tough. This is infact not true. It Just need the right examination temperament, adequate subject knowledge and high aptitude, in the given time frame.
It requires a planned systematic strategy to deal with the JEE-Advanced paper. JEE-MAINS is a straight forward examination in the sense choice correct types, having four choices but only one choice is correct.

One committee has been organized by name JOSAA, In which all 23 IIT'S, 32 NIT'S, 18 IIIT'S & 18 GFIT'S (Govt. Funded Institute of Technology), are comes under this committee call every students for a counseling after appearing in Mains & Advanced Exams.
Number of JEE Attempts :
A Candidate Can attempt JEE (Advanced) Maximum two times in consecutive years.

S.No IIT Institute Total Seats
1 Bhubaneshwar 273
2 IIT Mumbai 948
3 Mandi 129
4 Delhi 894
5 Indore 252
6 Kharagpur 1408
7 Hyderabad 210
8 Jodhpur 126
9 Kanpur 868
10 Madras 880
11 Gandhi Nagar 163
12 Patna 189
13 Roorkee 1019
14 ISM Dhanbad 958
15 Ropar 158
16 BHM Varanasi 1145
17 Guwahati 646
18 Tirupati 126
19 Palaghat 126
20 Jammu 95
21 Goa 95
22 Bhilai 126
23 Dharwad 126
# Total 10960